United States Gold Bureau

Do you know that United States Gold Bureau is one America’s choice of buying precious metals for investments? They are the best dealer in America with a competitive precious metals prices. When you buy your gold bullion, silver or even other precious metals, you can have it arrange to be store at a convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. Stock up on precious metal especially gold is a good way to keep up your investment I would say. When do you ever see gold prices drop till rock bottom? In an economic crisis, gold is still the best way to go.

The Comeback Clan

Doesn’t seems to look interesting from the poster as well but then, what poster ever stopped me from watching any tvb drama series. whether it is nice or not, I’m still going to watch all 20 episodes of them.

English Title: The Comeback Clan ????
Cantonese Title: Faan Ding Jat Zuk
Broadcast Date: 20th September 2010 – 15th October 2010
Length: 20
Cast: Kwan Wing Chung, Choi Shuk Yin, Ha Yu, Hui Shiu Hung, Sheung Tin Ngor, Ng Wing Mei, Sammul Chan, Ngo Ka Nin, Shirley Yeung, Natalie Tong and more..

Synopsis :
Severely hit by the financial turmoil in Hong Kong, Tai Ku-Tung’s (Ha Yu) restaurant is running short of capital while Yip Mo-Sing (Hui Shiu Hung) is interested in acquiring the restaurant’s location. He decides to invest in it, ignorant of the restaurant’s financial situation.

With the restaurant’s problem temporarily solved, Tung concentrates on working out new dishes and ideas for the restaurant. He discovers Tsui Hei-Hei (Sheung Tin Ngor), a novice cook with a signature egg fried rice recipe. She even wins the appreciation of the Michelin food critic experts. As a result, Tung treats her extremely well.

One day, a bank representative, Lei Yung-Chi (Ng Wing Mei) pops into the restaurant and claims that Hei has a debt with the bank. She picks a fight with Chi in a heated argument. In the fight, Hei is injured and loses her memory.

For fear of losing the restaurant’s reputation, Tung decides to put on a show and pretends to be Hei’s elder brother while Sing acts as her husband. Cello teacher Yip Tsik-Leung (Sammul Chan) plays Hei’s son and his girlfriend, Tai Ying-Lei (Natalie Tong) is assigned the role of Hei’s cousin.

In the meantime, Yung is fired from the bank but now claims that she is a shareholder and plans to reform the entire restaurant. Now all three owners want to make decisions but all three have different ideas. A triangular power struggle is developed in the process.

Twitter with virus

I heard from my friend that Twitter.com was installing viruses on to people computer when they visit that website. If you are using other application to tweet, you won’t get the virus. It is only from the Twitter.com website itself. I don’t use Twitter much so I guess I’m safe. I rather use Plurk.com instead. It is more fun and easier to read than Twitter. If you never use Plurk before go give it a try. You can add me if you wish to.


The reason I took up the current job was I couldn’t find any other vacancy that wants to hire me. Most of the job that I look for requires at least a degree. Experience is good but without a degree, I still won’t be getting a pay as high a degree holder. Some jobs only requires that I have any degree, even having a research degrees will be sufficient. I might just go and register myself at some local online university for a degree. Will need to check out which university, how much it cost and whether it is a recognize university or not. Its time to improve myself and get a degree.


Today is a public holiday to celebrate 1Malaysia day. Been only working for 2 days and so fast have a break already. I was supposedly need to go to work but after checking with the person that I was reporting to, he told me that I don’t need to go to work today as there won’t be any training today. Thankfully for that or I won’t know what I will be doing today at the office. Tomorrow will be another working day and then another 2 days break. Can’t wait to actually start working and see how things goes. Need to find out if I can cope with it or not in the first 2 weeks of actual working. If I can’t cope, I better start looking for a new job then.

New job

Just started my new job on Tuesday. I will still be under training for 1 month period before starting to work on the job immediately. Basically what I will be doing will be answering calls and replying emails. Not that difficult but just that the ticketing system might need some time to get use to especially in sending the ticket to the correct groups to handle the issue. The pay isn’t that good but it is much better than not having a job at the moment too. Work will be on a shift rotation but that isn’t much an issue. Only thing that my social life will have to change a little. That is if I need to work on Saturday.


How I wish I have some gold coins now so I can sell for extra money. Too bad in Malaysia we don’t have much pirates back in those days till we can go for treasure hunting. The only gold coins we can find nowadays is to get them from places such as the United States Gold Bureau where you can get any kind of precious metals for your investment needs. The prices of precious metals hardly drop and the demands for it seems to go up each year. If everyone has the money, I’m sure they will most likely to stock up on precious metals for keeping.


I have finished watching Bones and now continuing with the NCIS series. NCIS is quite an interesting series too but I would more prefer Bones. Both series have their own method of investigating a crime scene and very successful at that. I’m now already in to season 3 of the NCIS. Still long way more before I can catch up to the current season. Because of all these English TV series, I have put off watching my TVB series temporarily till I have complete watching all the English TV series that I have. It probably gonna take me a couple more months to watch all that.


It been more than 5 days I have been without a job. Well, that’s one of the perks of not getting a job first before resigning. Anyway, I’m not that worried yet. I still able to survive for a couple of months while looking for a new job. I’m sure I can find something first while waiting for a more permanent job. Anyone can actually if they don’t really choose their job too much. Everyday sleeping and waking up late isn’t so good for me at the moment. I should be doing something more productive while looking. At least that is what I’m trying to do now, working on my sites while I have all the free time now.

Good to buy gold coins ?

Do you think it is worthwhile to buy gold coins? Doesn’t matter if it is for investment purpose or just other reason, I’m sure having anything gold is lasting. I would prefer the gold in bar forms rather than coins. Looks more cooler just like you see in the movies. Every year, there are always demand for gold and silver. Their value hardly drops at all. The United States Gold Bureau is still a home where you can get all your precious metals investment needs. With their competitive precious metals prices, I’m sure you can’t find else where that meets theirs price at all. You don’t have to put your entire savings hording up gold and silver but just buy some for safe keeping investment.